Welcome to the Big Grill Shop, Georgia's provider of the ultimate outdoor cooking solutions.

Choose from our range of Big Green Egg's or Viking Grills, as well as grills we have all the accessories. Grill tables, utencils, seasonings and rubs. You name it and we probably have it.

Stop by Saturday lunch time when we usually fire up our own Egg to demonstrate our products (call to see whats on this weekend).

We also have a wide range of Yeti coolers - the best cooler on the market!

Coming soon! - Sign-up for our upcoming cooking classes. Everything you need to know about how the grills operate, controlling cooking temeratures, smoking and grilling. Learn some great recipes for different dishes including beef, pork, chicken, fish and even pizza.

If you are an outdoor cooking fan stop by and talk to Paul for some great advice on all our products. We are pretty sure you won't have seen a shop like this before!

Call: (770) 378-4848


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All the grilling accessories that you can imagine.


Rubs & Spices

A collection of the finest grilling rubs and spices.



We are a Yeti cooler Dealer.